95% Vs 5%. World Series Of Poker 2008.

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Scott Montgomery vs Paul Snead at a moment when the pot had grown to over 9 million, Montgomery had an unknown A-4, Snead J-7 and the flop has given Snead a pair of Jacks, but gave nothing to Montgomery. Snead shows himself to be a very emotional player during this segment, and when Montgomery goes all in with his Ace, Snead debates standing up, and debates out loud some more, and yikes — Tiffany Michelle does something then and the table appears to be against her for it — and Paul complains too. So then he acts, and the turn is what it is, and you should tune in to find out another of those poker moments when your fate (and your $$ fortune) is decided on the turn of a card. When Montgomery spoke during the hand, it certainly gave an impression he could have been on a bluff. See what you think.

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