AA vs AA – Patrik Antonius vs Howard Lederer – Poker After Dark Season 6!! INSANE HAND!!

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This was an episode of Poker After Dark, Season 6. An instance of a “cold deck” or perhaps just a strange deal. This hand began with a full slate of poker notables nearly all of whom folded quickly except for 3: Patrik Antonius, Howard Lederer, and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, who was chip leader. Dwan reluctantly folded hi 6D-7H in another minute or two.

Phil Ivey, Eli Elezra, and Ilari Sahamies (aka Ziigmund — but in my mind I call him Siegfried, because he’s an interesting character) all dropped out when Antonius comes out swinging. Durrrr and start talking about other poker while the two titans, Antonius and Lederer, circle one another with their respective pocket Aces. Yes, both of them have AA. Lederer comes in with a raise of Antonius’ raise, after a showy hesitation. The flop is: 9 9 K Antonius checks it. Lederer bets 18K into a pot of almost 45K. A raises to 40K. By now, Howard can almost smell the AA of his opponent… he calls. Turn is a 6. Antonius bets $75K, which is all Howard has left. Howard goes all in, and Antonius shows. So they chop it. Howard’s last remark is that he’s done well with AA, that and another hand — 88. This may be a joke about Bill Hickok, but maybe not.

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