Best Call in the History of Poker by Pro Jason Mercier

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Jason Mercier, who is not related to poker pro Isabelle Mercier, yet shows his poker brains in this hand that ended winning him a pot of over 1.3 million. This took place in the European Poker Tour. Both players were obviously longtime players but this hand is interesting because the decision — whether to call or fold to a possible trip 8s or even a Jack in his opponent’s hand — pretty much had to be made by body language and instinct alone.

Mercier had 5-9 in a four-handed game, shrunk to 2 players.

Eric Koskas, with 10-3, had nothing at all. He goes all in and stands up. Maybe that movement, we think, was a mistake. It is a movement made when players seem to have great tension. Mercier takes his time. We love the almost-audible whirring of his finely-made mental gears. He’s an interesting player to watch. The EPT commentators talk about how online players seem to acquire an extra ability to read the unreadable, to have a feel for when they’re ahead, because all decisions are made without seeing one’s opponents at all.

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