Biggest Poker Fail!!

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The two opponents are Dominik Nitsche and Emir Misljimi.  A case starting with a huge pot of 210,000; a pair of 2s against a 5-4 suited. Flop was 8-3-2, so Misljimi got a triple while his opponent got a straight draw. The Turn made it a gutshot draw for Nitsche, probably giving him pains since otherwise he’d be sunk. But Misljimi has plenty of guts himself, and with the board full of low cards, gave the appearance of a flush completed on the River to Misljimi, and puts his money behind what is essentially a bluff. Suspecting a flush, the younger player folds! Really too bad that Nitsche didn’t stand behind his hand and force the other guy to show, when he had a great hard-won poker hand. This seems to be a case of poor decisionmaking, when the pot is so large (went up to over 500,000). Only one hand would’ve beat his, so why not try to get him to show it to you? Bluffers get away with murder these days at the table, don’t they?

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