Craziest Poker Hand Ever! MUST SEE! $1 million buy-in WSOP 2014

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This video is from The Big One For One Drop Tournament, a part of the WSOP and a hugely popular and lucrative event. AA vs. AA, Connor Drinan and Gary Katz. All the action is preflop, as Katz raises to 225K, Drinan reraises to 580K. Drinan, an admirable player, yet resorts to a sort of locked posture and frozen jaw in order to give nothing away to his opponent, when the tension was highest. Katz talks a little too much, with a “Save your money, kid” remark and then a joke suggesting they just chop at this point. Chopping is not permitted in WSOP tournaments, but there probably have been plenty of players in the tournaments who — either beforehand, or during a break during the hand — actually arrange sub-rosa chops privately, and must rely on their mutual trust to complete the splitting of funds later. Rules are rules, however. The European Poker Tour happens to allow chopping of pots. In this hand, a chop was never in the picture, unbeknownst to either player. The cards determined the strange conclusion.



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