Crazy First Poker Hand FUNNY

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First hand of the Main Event of the WSOP 2005, filmed by ESPN. In this heads-up confrontation was Oliver Hudson, actor from the TV show Rules of Engagement, brother of actress Kate Hudson and son of singer Bill Hudson (who disowned his 2 kids with Goldie Hawn just recently). Poker great Sam Farha is his opponent. They make hay of the very first poker hand in the tournament.

This hand is one of those entertaining, but painful-to-the-player bad beats seen that make you wonder about the poker gods: What, exactly, were said gods drinking when they arranged this?

Farha has A-10 offsuit. Hudson has 10-10.

Flop is an unbelievable A-A-10, giving both men full houses, only Farha has the better one and it’s in fact the nuts, the best one possible with As. This hand is over before the river. Hudson just lost his way out of the Main Event and is now $10,000 down. Farha doubles his chips.

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