Crazy guy 6-betting hard | POKER FAIL

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Erik Seidel, Timothy Adams, Simon Ravnsbaek during the European Poker Tour. Adams has a mere 6-6 to Ravnsbaek’s K-K. Seidel has 10-10. So each player gets a chance at demonstrating how hard he wants to bet his pair, some of them hoping for improvement or an entire change of hand with the board. But one’s chances of getting that third card, or 4th are pretty poor, according to the wizard of odds, so you have to think hard about what your opponent might have and is betting high on. If he came out betting — as happened here — his hand was likely to be a good one, and then to keep betting it means even more so that a bluff isn’t happening. To keep your low pair hand alive here with bet after bet is a tilty sort of action, it appears. Still, Adams has been playing some huge tournaments. He lasted 4 days into the WSOP Main Event, no cash.

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