Epic poker fail at WSOP

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It’s the WSOP Main Event, Day 6. This is a secondary table with some tough cardplayers.

Dave Balkin establishes a strong lead with a  pair of 10s, Gail Baumann finds herself with AJ suited, Hellmann with K9 suited. Hellmann folds. Flop of A-9-10 gives the lady another A, so her hand is good but not yet strong enough for her opponent’s triple. The turn offers several hot possibilities. Now her hand has so many outs her call of the huge bet is expected. But sometimes, you don’t realize you’ve had blinders on and you can’t see all the possible hands of your opponent, and you trick yourself into thinking you’re tops. There was more than one way he failed to see what she was building towards, in this scenario. In instances like this, there’s little to read of your opponent; it’s that you overlooked some ways you could have been beaten. And this is the result: You’re out.

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