“F*cking Internet Player” – Phil Hellmuth

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If you love watching Phil Hellmuth’s rants and tantrums, here’s one for your entertainment. He truly is aptly named the Poker Brat. This tournament hand was from the WSOP 2008 Main Event, ESPN TV.

Hellmuth has pocket 8s. Adam Levy with Q-10. Flop is 9H – 6D – JH

Levy has a straight draw here, so stays in and it pays off when the next card is turned up. Phil, who correctly divined what a killer hand would be in this matchup, taunts his opponent, pretending HE has it. So we get the last laugh, and when it is revealed he goes nuts.

“Called a raise with a Queen-10! Fucking internet player.” Our favorite putdown! How else can many players hone their skills, and get to be good, without being rich or being able to travel to the big casino games? And as if Hellmuth did not play online himself and in fact has been a owner/promoter of one of the biggest online poker rooms. (Actually Levy IS an online player, and clearly Hellmuth knew.)

“Idiot player.”  “This kid probably won’t last another hour!” and so on. Then he starts giving the dealer grief, berating the terrible hands he’s been getting all day. The dealer says, “I just sat down, bro.”

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