Flopped Quads – Sick Flop!

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Flopped Quads – Sick Flop!

Pobal, Vlad Kovtunov  When a player is not only out of position but almost out of chips in a tournament, decisions are pared down to a few ones, and they may be simple decisions — but weigh more than any others you’ve probably made in the hand. In fact, tournament play is so different from cash game play that strategies are usually written separately. Daniel Negreanu is an example of an excellent tournament player and you can study him for good tips. In this European Poker Tour (EPT) game, Mikalai Pobal went against Vlad Kovtunov. All the drama happens preflop.

Pobal is the one on the Big Blind and low chipcount. He makes his play with a Now or Never stance, as he must here. The announcers of this segment seem to have a penchant for clever sayings, but the choice of “your classic race, like chocolate versus vanilla,” is a peculiar one and most announcers would know to avoid. Then his second bon mot is a good one and you should listen for it.

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