Guy tries to Bluff Doyle Brunson :)

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World Series of Poker 2009 Main Event. In order to drive viewers crazy — apparently — the TV show decided to reveal only one player’s hole cards but not the other in a headsup match. In this hand it is particularly effective at creating drama. The players just happen to be Doyle Brunson and another guy named Kier. By this WSOP everyone in the world has witnessed Brunson’s amazing stamina, especially for his age, not to mention his utter cool and ability at the cards. He demonstrated to the poker world that he’s pretty much all that the hype has said.

Doyle has A-J suited, but the unknown’s cards are unknown to us. The unknown Kier calls and Brunson raises. Flop is 2-4-K, not favoring Brunson; they both check, and it appears this guy may be trying to bluff the estimable Doyle Brunson. The players’ faces are a great study, in the brief moments of this video, and we think they tell a little bit more than you’d think. It looks to us like Texas Dolly has a far superior poker face.

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