Highlights FT HKD$250k Short Deck Ante Only | Phil Ivey | Daniel Cates | Jason Koon

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Short Deck poker is an exciting, high-variance game
that features more coin flip situations than traditional No-Limit Hold’em,
creating a challenging dynamic for the pros and businessmen alike.
In Short deck poker, more starting hands are playable and rank closer in value before the flop.
With just 36 cards instead of 52, straights become more common, while flushes are a rare sight.
In order to adjust for this, the hand ranking chart has been updated and a flush beats a full house.
There’s are no blinds; instead, the game is played ante-only, with the button posting a double ante.

Total Prize Pool
HK$ 14,347,200
Total Prize Pool (USD)
$ 1,827,664

1st HK$4,749,200 $604,992
2nd HK$3,199,000 $407,515
3rd HK$1,937,000 $246,751
4th HK$1,334,000 $169,936
5th HK$918,000 $116,942
6th HK$689,000 $87,770
7th HK$560,000 $71,337
8th HK$488,000 $62,165
9th HK$473,000 $60,255

HK$ 250,000 No Limit Hold’em – Short Deck Ante Only 250K
Maestral Resort & Casino, Budva
Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 May 2018

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