How To Assess Your Poker Hand

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There are 52 cards in a standard deck, creating a possibility of over 2 million different poker hands, but there are only nine hands that can help you win. This short video will instruct and teach new players exactly what those nine poker hands are. These example will take into account that the player will receive pocket cards from the dealer, and they are playing a community card game, like Texas Hold’Em or Omaha. Review each of the hands, from best to worst, so that you know exactly when to bet, raise, call, or even fold. The strength of the cards will allow new or experienced players know exactly what to do, even when they are trying to bluff. As it is the case in many poker games, if no player has one of the nine winning hands, then the winner is decided by the kicker, the highest card on the table. If more than one player has the card, the next highest will be used, and so on. Learn how the pot is won, or in this case, divided among players that have the same exact hand. Use these three steps to help you improve and learn the basics of poker.

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