How to Play Poker – Basics

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Poker Hall of Famer (and PartyPoker host) Mike Sexton starts at the very beginning to teach aspiring poker players. In this video he explains the makeup of a deck of cards (how many and so on), then goes on to a comprehensive comparison of five-card poker hand rankings. He does this in order from best hand to weakest, mentions how many of the strongest hands are possible. Mike defines just who beats whom when more than one player has a flush, or 3 of a kind, etc. — even when it comes down to the kicker (last card, not even in one’s poker hand).

This full listing of all the hands gets a bit tedious, but since this video does not skip anything, you can refer to it as part of a poker rules and tutorials library if you wish. If you have a question on the hand ranking of any particular hand, you can scroll ahead to it since they’re all in order. They chose an appropriate person to do tutorials of this sort, since Mike Sexton remains one of the most-trusted and liked ambassadors of the poker world.

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