How To Play Poker – Basics Of Betting

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Take a close look at the basics of betting in poker. Learn for the more experienced players, as there is really two main objectives when playing: 1) Win Big or 2) Lose Small. The video will give you great insight into how to accomplish either of those two objectives. Follow the 5 steps that they describe in order to become a better player, and the steps may be slightly different depending on which type of poker you are playing. It shows the important of knowing how the cards are dealt, as well as how the betting works each round; usually starting with the dealer or the player directly to the left of the dealer. Use the various tips to understand what the proper etiquette, and learn the terminology that is commonly used so that you can keep up with the other players. Deciding whether you want to play in no-limit games or not will affect how you can bet, and even if you can go all-in or not. Learn from the 5 steps and start playing.

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