How to play poker – beginners guide

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This video is an ad, but a decent one. It’s an amusing clip of an Irish guy and his gorilla friend who think you should play Holdem poker, especially at the online poker rooms of He gives a basic how-to-play rundown. Watch them play a few hands to get the idea. It’s useful because Mr. Irishman tells you exactly what his thinking is as he plays — what he figures his opponent holds, and what he guesses his opponent may be planning. The ape is the dealer and should be congratulated for pushing cards around with those plastic hands.

Bwin, a sportsbook licensed in Gibraltar, offers poker, casino games, and world sports betting. It also has a live connection so you can play poker and other games and get a real-life experience gambling against other players or the house. Live dealers are a recent trend in online casinos which was begun years ago by sites such as Spin Palace but has had a revival.

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