How To Play Poker – Texas Hold’em

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Welcome to how to play poker. There are many different types of poker games, but we will mainly focus on teaching you how to play Texas Hold’Em, the most popular and most widely used in tournaments and regular games. Following the easy to understand 10 steps provided, you will go through an entire round of Hold’Em poker, and learn what any player needs to know in order to win, or at least minimize their losses.

Step 1: The Blinds. Two people will place initial bets, the Blind and the Little Blind; which is half the amount of the Blind.

Step 2: The Deal. Each player will receive two cards, face down, from the dealer.

Step 3: First Round of Betting. Each player has to match the Blind if they want to continue playing, then they will get the chance to either Call, Bet, Raise, or Fold.

Step 4: The Flop. Three cards are dealt onto the table, face up.

Step 5: Second Round of Betting. Players will get another chance to bet.

Step 6: The Turn. A fourth card is dealt, face up, on the table.

Step 7: Third Round of Betting. Players will get another chance to bet.

Step 8: The River. The fifth and last community card is dealt onto the table.

Step 9: Last Round of Betting. Player will get their last chance to Check, Bet, Raise, Call, or Fold.

Step 10: The Showdown. All players still in the game will show their cards to determine who has the winning hand.

Remember these easy to understand steps when you are playing a round of Texas Hold’em.

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