How to play Short Stacked in Poker

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This is PART 2. This video offers some hints on tournament poker play, when you have fewer chips than most of the table and you need to consider what hands you might want to be aggressive with and attempt to push out other players. This is worth trying at times even with some middling hands because you can double up your chips if you convince others to fold or just outright beat them. Here, as you’ll see, you really need to review the relative strength of starting hands so when you’re holding a non-pair you want to know just how weak or strong your hand is. Find out what non-pair hands are roughly equivalent to one another, and memorize them. This video also discusses how many players you ideally want to be up against for your push to succeed, and how other numbers might be acceptable too, if you have decent position. PaddyPowerPoker is the creator of the tutorial, and it looks solid, but it’s just one piece of a series of poker teaching clips you should watch.

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