Learn How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em

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A video put out by the Potawatomi Bingo & Casino of Wisconsin. Watch this for general instructions on playing holdem poker in a live casino. They point out that the casino — or the house — has no stake in the game of Texas Hold’em, and you are playing against only other players. The Potawatomi Casino offers several different varieties of poker. In this tutorial, first you must speak to the person managing the board for the room, and ask to be scheduled. Hand rankings are explained; dealer button is mentioned; betting rounds and blinds. 1/2 table minimum for small blind; table minimum is the big blind. Flop is dealt out; clockwise turn of play continues. Turn is dealt. Betting round occurs; minimum bets are doubled. Up to 3 raises can be made. River card is dealt; betting round occurs. Showdown means the players must fold or show their hand to prove their position.

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