Monster bluff in poker by Phil Ivey

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A Spanish site video. $600K was the prize to winner of this game.

Perhaps only hard poker players and fans will discern how strange this hand went, with two strong players deciding today they should bluff the farm away. The size of the pot makes it noteworthy.

Paul Jackson with 6-5; Ivey with Q-8. Flop is pair of Jacks and 7. Ivey has been out swinging with a good-sized bet and raise; Jackson then re-raises Ivey. Jackson really knows how to be as cool as Fu Manchu here and his face gives away exactly nothing. Ivey does the same — raises him. Both with nothing hands. Jackson answers the raise with his own, again. There’s $966,000 in chips in the pot.

We won’t give away the spoiler but both players bluffed excellently and kept one another in pitch dark until the very end.

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