PCA 2015 Live Poker Tournament – PCA Main Event, Final Table

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Take a look at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2015 Main Event final table, and watch these players battle it out for the victory. The final table has great players including:

Seat Player Nationality Age Starting Chips
#1 Kevin Schulz USA 28 6,115,000
#2 Chance Kornuth USA 28 7,860,000
#3 Niklas Hambitzer Germany 26 3,000,000
#4 Diego Ventura Peru 25 3,980,000
#5 Rami Boukai USA 32 780,000
#6 Juan Martin Pastor Argentina 22 2,655,000

With a total prize pool of US$7,915,200, these six players are competing for the first trophy of the year, as well as the huge 1st place winnings of $1,491,580. Check out all of the different hands, bluffs, showdowns, and heads-up between these great players. The ante being 10,000, with the blinds being 40,000/80,000, this won’t be a quick final table, but it will certainly be intense. Check out which of these players comes out on top as the ultimate poker champion during the PCA 2015 Main Event final table.

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