Phil Hellmuth vs Luke Schwartz – King of Tilt

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Phil Hellmuth vs Luke Schwartz is an entertaining compilation I’ve thought about making in the past few days. You see, some refer to Luke Schwarch as the European Phil Hellmuth, so I thought to myself: Why not make a video to compare (a bit) between the two? And this is how this funny poker video was born…

Let’s say that Luke Schwartz has a long way until he becomes Phil Hellmuth, European or not, Hellmuth is a better poker player and a master when it comes to tilt and anger moments, but still Schwartz has his moments and can be hilarious when he gets angry, mad and tilted.

In this video compilation of Phil Hellmuth vs Luke Schwartz, I’ve selected 5 moments of each where they are on tilt, needless to say Hellmuth wins, but watching Luke Schwartz in agony trying to figure out a hand or talking to himself with his remarks makes me smile and laugh.

Phil Hellmuth and Luke Schwartz are both character without a doubt and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from both of them, which leaves an opening for part 2.

We hope you enjoy our video and ask you to share with us your favorite tilt moments of both players and any other player you like to see on tilt, so we’ll know to prepare the next poker tilt video for you.

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Have a great day and see you at the tables.

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