Phil Ivey making his quads looks like a bluff

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Ivey has 8-7o, Wernar Perner has a pair of 2s. The flop and final cards give the gift of quads to Ivey, who earlier showed a tiny crack in his poker facade, but doesn’t now. His ever-young face and hunched posture have been studied by everyone trying to glean the secret of his own unreadability and his sharp read on other players, to no avail. The bait he dangled in this case to his opponent was something more visible: a raise that was a shade more modest than it could have been, appearing to be a bet for value, which must have filled Perner with confidence that Ivey didn’t have quite the best hand but a good one. And then to sum up the scene, Norman Chad offers a quote from The Princess Bride which doesn’t apply, unless Phil Ivey is actually Sicilian. Huge attention is being paid to Ivey, who has recently been appearing in court in several cases involving litigation against (and from) big casinos.

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