Poker After Dark – Drunk player Gavin Smith FUNNY

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Gavin playing Phil Ivey, stands up drinking his glass of whatever, but definitely alcoholic thing, when Ivey has a pair of 10s and Gavin has 5-4 offsuit. The board, which is all laid down now, offers both players two pair but Ivey’s got the better pair. After he’s beat, Smith exclaims repeatedly at Phil’s prowess. And exclaims again. He is having a bit of trouble enunciating, but his admiration is probably sincere. The next hand, you’ll laugh out loud at Gavin’s summing up of the problem:

“God, I’m the worst player EVER!”

Other hands are shown in brief after that. On another hand, Gavin announces his cards but Phil doesn’t really believe him. And has difficulty stacking chips. His drink is under the table. A girl comes out at the end to congratulate him on his wins against Ivey — and ask how he did it, and Gavin can’t seem to account for it.

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