poker dealer makes huge mistake

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The World Series of Poker 2009 is featured here. Estelle Denis of France vs. J.C. Tran at the table. Denis goes all-in but the dealer pulls her hand into the muck pile! Sometimes this occurs and it is an awful moment. Watch what the dealer, the player, the poker table manager do when such a mistake is made. Denis announces her hand after it is made clear to her it cannot be retrieved and is dead. The boss checks the top cards of the muckpile but they aren’t her hand. She gets back her last bet going all-in but forfeits all the rest of her bets. The others play on. Everyone asks her if she’d been protecting her hand, and this is a cautionary tale to do so for all poker players. Put something on top of it, people tell her. It’s enough to make you want to hold your hands like a fence around your hole cards.

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