Poker for beginners – Poker rules

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A very fast tutorial on Texas Hold’em, with a rundown of the hand rankings for cards, then the betting action is reviewed in detail. Although brief, this video is one a beginner should watch more than once to set the rules for the game in mind. Sometimes you may be confused about the strength of various poker hands, or not clear on how the betting goes, or about who begins the action. Worthwhile to keep on hand and see repeatedly. It’s surprising that this simple-seeming game has quite a bit to remember when one begins playing in a live game. It’s always good to watch live games to make certain you understand what is happening. Another good item to memorize is a basic chart with the top 2-card hands so you know the relative strength of your hand at the beginning. However, every player should know that hand strength is relative and changes with your knowledge of the other players, and your position.

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