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European Poker Open III features a hand with a freezing cold deck, more so than we remember seeing. Everyone staying in at first — meaning Denis O’Mahoney, Darren Hickman, Achilleas Kallakis, Dale Hoy, and Jon Hewston — has a pair! The lower pairs fold. So it’s O’Mahoney with KK, Hickman with QQ, Kallakis with AA.

Achilleas keeps looking at his chips, trying to decide. We know, as seen in other poker hands, that AA doesn’t mean you’ve won yet. You could be kicked off them easily. The announcers discuss the willingness to fold pairs of different caliber. A 3-way pot is especially interesting    Enough acting, as one commentator says; put your chips in and spin the wheel. O’Mahoney folds his kings. It may be a smart move; we will see. He even admits the hand… is this crazy? Some players tempt the poker gods when they think they’re being so cool they can fold strong hands. It serves him right what happens. And yet more drama ensues. This full board is what happens when you think you know everything before the cards do their thing to you.

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