Possibly The Most RIDICULOUS Poker Bluff EVER!!!

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Sometimes poker makes you do stupid things. This clip is an example of that, when 18-year-old Swedish player Victor Blom probably wished he could make this day a do-over. This is Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event, and Blom is playing against UK amateur player Ian Munns.

Blom  with K-2 suited (Diamonds); Munns has A-7 offsuit; the flop is:  A(D) – A(C) – 3(C). Blom gives away his distress with his face right then. First bad move. From then on, he continues to go down the wrong path, check-raising Munns’ bet of 9,000 with a bluff of 58,000. After Munns reraises, Blom…. goes all in. Munns calls it.

Bloms ducks away from the table. All the older guys, including Todd Brunson, laugh. The announcers also have a good time with the poor kid: “That’s the equivalent of running down main Street pantsless!” — “So Blom gift-wraps a huge stack to Munns, all that was missing was a Swedish rendition of ‘Happy Birthday!’”

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