QQQQ vs. 9999 worst poker beat in history

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An unbelievable, shout-inducing hand from the World Poker Open, 2010. Party Poker announcers Mike Sexton, Jesse May and Phil Laak (once known as “the Unabomber” due to his poker uniform of a hoodie, hood always up) get terribly excited at this strange hand at the televised 6th annual WPO tournament, held in London November 2010. Players at the table include John Duthie — TV director and creator of the European Poker Tour, Toby Lewis, Andrew Robl, Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

Robl has a pair of 9s. The announcer is saying Robl’s in trouble: “he’s got sloppy chips, he’s on tilt,” so the drama is already there; then it just grows and grows. Meanwhile, Lewis has a pair of Queens, and Timoshenko has a pair of 2s. What, did no one shuffle this deck? It comes down to 3 players, and then just look at that flop; PartyPoker called it “sent straight from the depths of poker’s cruelest chambers in hell.” We think you’ll agree. This flop gave the two remaining players great hands and the worst case of not being able to suss out why their opponents were betting the way they were.

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