Quad Queens vs Quad Nine’s (QQQQ vs 9999) Toby Lewis vs Andrew Robl World open 6

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The accusation of “sloppy chips” seems to be a favorite criticism of one announcer’s during the World Poker Open and here it’s directed at Andrew Robl, who has a pair but it’s not that strong, and so the announcer immediately says he’s going to push hard on it, seemingly on tilt and on view for everyone to see. But Robl restrains himself and so the commentators, including Mike Sexton, have to acknowledge the skill of calling instead of raising. Every move each makes, however, seems to be the opposite of what was expected, as if neither was making a good read of the situation at all. Robl is an interesting player to watch, but in this hand he seems to have made a wrong start and kept going that way. This World Poker Open episode took place in London, 2008.

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