Simple Poker Tips – Hand Strength & Poker Strategy

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This video is a great tool for beginners, as Mike Sexton will go over several different factors when playing the popular community card game, Texas Hold’Em. It is always great to play poker, but it is even better when you win. It gives new players a great perspective on how poker is like investing your money, as you hope to get a return based on the cards that you hold in your hand. Learn the different poker hand strengths and rankings, so that you know exactly which hands are stronger or weaker, as well as learn different terms and definitions that you will more than likely encounter as you play. Along with learning hand strength, you will also get some good tips on basic Hold’Em betting strategies that can help you improve your game. For those interested in starting out their poker career, or simply want to learn how to play better and win, this video will certainly give you the insight needed to start.

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