Sit N Go Strategy – 6 Handed Sit N Go’s

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1. More hands & a faster pace. 2. More play in the blinds. 3. A more aggressive attitude and willingness to engage.

In last stages of this type of tournament, when it’s heads up, you’ll be acting more aggressively — playing most of your hands. I’m not sure the example after the talk that they show of a hand is terribly on point; it’s more a cautionary illustration to tell you to stop playing your emotions. In SNGs there are plenty of players who play fast and loose and raise most of their hands. When you’re stuck playing one of these clowns, and you need to examine the wisdom of betting/going all-in near the end, forget his history with you and think about the actual bets he’s made and when. If these were made by another player, would you bet or fold? Don’t bet solely based on his loose play and forget the possible hand that he is actually betting for value on.

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