Sit N Go Strategy — The Early Stages

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Here are offered some suggestions on playing sit n go tournaments, which are some of players’ favorite contests, with great chances of winning money fast, if you do it with a fair idea of what you’re doing.

As they explain, as each stage unfolds, it forces the remaining players to change their strategy to deal with what is about to happen. This is all about the Early Stages of the SNG.

General tips here are — Play quality hands and position; avoid draws and difficult decisions; wait for the crowd to leave. These sound like too-vague things often said for games, but the video will specify what they mean. In SNGs a seeming good hand may be a fold while in a cash game it might be one you can use to try for a big pot. The pot here is still small and so you should be preserving your chips. 2.5 to 3X bb is a decent bet  in the early stages. Tight-passive play: You will last longer if you play it tight and be content a lot of the time to fold when your hand isn’t a really good one.

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