The 10 sickest Poker Hands of all time part 4/4

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The sick poker hands series continues. Phil Ivey vs Durrr Dwan, on an episode of High Stakes Poker. Dwan brings up a pot to 675,900 at the River. He has 9-8 suited and nothing but the vanished hope of a gutshot straight, so he’s bluffing Ivey. Phil has to decide what Durrr’s face means. This is a time when veteran players have to draw on their feel for the situation and their read of the other player.  Phil Laak has some remarks about that poker face after Ivey makes his move. What we should be wondering more about is Ivey’s reasoning: He says it’s the “sickest” ever, but is it really? Did he have that inner sense telling him he didn’t need to worry about this hand? Maybe some of these pro poker players are reading without knowing they’re doing it. How contagious is esp, and can it be acquired over time like other skills?

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