The Biggest Pot In The History Of Tv Poker! 1,108,500 MILLION DOLLAR POT .

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In the Million Dollar Cash Game TV show, Season 4 Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey opposite “Durrr” Dwan. Antonius folds early; Tom Dwan has 6-7H, and Phil Ivey has A-2. A memorable hand in which it’s a temptation to root for one player or the other, after which the turn card will make you shout out loud. This was a hand to puzzle both players, who each had a straight. It also takes the prize for the biggest pot in televised poker so far, a 1.1-million-dollar pot, going to Dwan. Otherwise this was a quiet hand except for the commentators, who couldn’t help crying out at the turn of events. Dwan is an intense player whose decisions seem reasoned and skillful. The cash games of this show held some remarkable, aggressive poker playing with stellar contestants.

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