The most ridiculous poker hand ever

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This scene is the Compeonado Nacional PokerStars TV show from LaSexta, Spain. Features a three, then a two-handed game of Cicero Alfredo vs. Vicente. Commentator Juan Manuel Pastor. Vicente thinks everyone has folded, and displays his hand; but to his surprise Cicero hasn’t folded. So they play with full knowledge of Vicente’s hand, A-J, and Vicente then is now playing the percentages, not the player. Unbelievable hanging around by the one player, who everyone seems to agree should know better. As for the “Is he Freston Wizard?” exclamation by the commentator, it’s a very nice reference for a Spanish tournament and these Spanish speakers. The Freston Wizard is a character from Don Quixote, an imaginary person in Don Quixote’s own mind, who has the power to cloud minds.

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