The Squeeze Play in Poker

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Another tutorial by PaddyPowerPoker. This strategy is a move carried out in either a tournament or cash game. It is performed from late position when a loose-aggressive player in early position acts (as he has typically done, because you’ve been watching and noticing) with a raise. You may squeeze-play if you: 1) assume he’s still playing loose and probably has a weak hand; 2) the player after him has raised, noticing the same behavior you have of the loose player; and 3) the pot is big enough to warrant a risky move on your part, and your need to move up requires more risk. You, in late position, have a distinct advantage. There are risks to follow doing such a move, as others will expect this from you again, but in a tournament you can last longer if you do it successfully. It’s a bluff done in specific circumstances.

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