The ‘Stop and Go’ Play in Poker

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This video describes the “Stop and Go Play,” which is a tournament ploy for a short-stacked player. It often involves calling a raise from the blinds, which is against the general wisdom. When considering this play, think about the fact that:

Most players will miss the flop most of the time. You can, when you are up against the wall with few chips, and you’re playing heads up with one person left, act as though YOU did not miss the flop, and make him believe it. Preflop, you should call, as if you had something but not the strongest of hands, thus drawing in your opponent; let him act with his raise or call, then after the flop, you should raise — or even better, go all in — as if you had just been helped greatly by it. He will now be presented with the difficulty of believing you or not. He knows you could be representing your hand getting better, but if he has a weak hand in the face of that flop he is far more likely to fold against your aggressive move. Your change of pressure will confuse and make him act according to you. And that’s what poker’s all about, isn’t it? Knowing when you need to be more aggressive, and luring an opponent into a trap that you’ve constructed.

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