World Series Of Poker 2015 Main Event Episode 14 Full HD

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WSOP 2014 Main Event Episode 14 Full HD

Amazon Room of the Rio.

A story largely about Mark Newhouse, who begins 2nd in chips at the main event. “Can he really make back-to-back final tables?” This hadn’t been done since Dan Harrington achieved it in 2003-2004. He has a cheering section in the audience, chanting his name to the tune of a guitar. Everybody knows how hard this is, especially this year, when the chip counts are so much higher than they were at this stage last year.

When it comes down to Newhouse vs. Politano, it heats up as we can see Politano sniffing out a chance to scare a young guy off his card. It doesn’t appear to be happening: “Tight players look for reasons to fold; Mark Newhouse is not a tight player.” But the flop gives Newhouse a mere gutshot draw while Politano has been rewarded for his bravado with a middle pair…. And then the players’ fortunes change again, with the next couple of cards. Which will celebrate, the Brazilians or Newhouse’s cheering section?

Newhouse is still in… Soon Newhouse and Politano are heads up again, Newhouse with 2s and Politano with K-J; the flop includes a 2, but the turn is a Jack. Still Bruno suspects a bluff (again). But he lets himself be drawn in, and calls. Newhouse is in 5th place, Politano is in 8th.

Chris Greaves vs. Jacobson, one is vanquished. Senft then goes under to Newhouse, who has gotten yet another small pair. There are 10 players now left…The video continues the next day.  Only 1 is playing the main event for the 1st time, Pappas.

the players left are:

Van Hoof






Billy Pappas  — world champion in Foosball. His real last name is Pappaconstantinou.




At 23 minutes, it starts to look like we’re about to see the table of 10 shrink to 9. But it’s not to be; The first hand, 3 of them have a Jack. Tonking wins this hand (and he was the short stack) so the 10 players continue.

At the other table, Newhouse has another of those pairs, this time 7s but they’re against Sindelar’s JJ.

Pairs continue to be a thing at this entire sequence, again and again. The player order is: Van Hoof, Stephensen, Newhouse, Sindelar, Velador, Pappas, Jacobson, Politano, Tonking, Larrabe.

Then Larrabe makes a good move with a pair of As, and is able to double up. At 41:00 THREE men have pairs, Newhouse with 5s, Velador with 4s and Politano with 10s. Velador makes a desperate all-in but his opponents can’t know that it is desperate. Newhouse later says he hadn’t wanted to bust his friend. And so the November Nine are all that remain.

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