WSOP 2015 – Daniel Negreanu’s Reading Abilities (Negreanu vs De Leon)

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Here is another interesting hand from the WSOP 2015 Main Event and here we see (not that we didn’t know that before) how great of a poker player Daniel Negreanu really is.

In this hand, we share with you Daniel Negreanu vs Brian De Leon in what seems like a regular, yet interesting hand but becomes even more interesting as we get to see Daniel Negreanu’s readling abilities yet again!

Negreanu flops a great hand with his Queen high pair, seems strong but his opponent Brain De Leon flops a set. Trouble for Negreanu? Not if you’re a poker pro with years of table experience and reading abilities that every detective would like to have.

Maybe it was too obvious what De Leon had according to his game and betting pattern, still this hand shows Daniel Negreanu reading hands like a true professional that he is, folding his top and strong pair and making the best decision in this hand, losing only the minimum.

Daniel Negreanu’s reading abilities are truly amazing and demonstrate what years of poker experience mean, and that is why it is always fun to see Negreanu reading hands to make the great decision afterwards, indeed a great poker play by a great poker pro.

Enjoy this video and let us know, would you have folded as well?
Would you have played differently? Maybe just call to see the turn (if you didn’t put your opponent on a set of course)?

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