“You got the flush?”

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“You got the flush?” — a chance mispeak, in this video. At the table amongst others are: Mike Matusow, Maxime Rouillard, James Lee, Michael Landau. Poker players can misspeak, as long as they don’t misbet or misfold. Then they’d have a problem. In this hand some strong players are folding fast when the flop shows two face cards and the competition is going to be fierce, obviously. Whatever hand wins, it’ll be a good one. The two contenders are some of the quieter players known, James Lee and Michael Landau. The winner, questioned by Matusow, is oddly humble rather than braggy in this fast outcome. Even the commentators would have been strutting more than this. This clip is another odd hand that flips the outcome one way, then the other as the game progresses.

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